Auxiliares de conversación

Auxiliares de conversación curso 2022/23

Hello everybody!

My name is Callum (but you can call me ‘Cal’).

I’m the new English Assistant here at the school and I am very excited to share my culture and laguage with the school community! I am from Leeds, a city in the north of England, and I have just moved to Madrid to work and to immerse myself in a new culture. I’m still learning Spanish little by little (or «match by match», in the words of Cholo Simeone), but I’m sure that you Madrileños will make me feel welcome!

And a little more about me:

I have worked in specialist schools for the last four years in England, and because of this, I love working with students with different learning styles. Music is my passion and I have played in several bands in the UK, as a drummer and also as a guitarist. I love to cook and discover new dishes, and I’m looking forward to doing more travelling in Spain in the coming months.

I’ll see you soon!»

Hello, my name is Kamaljit Kaur. I am from India. I hold a Master Degree in Business Administration and a TEFL certification from University Europa Del Atlántico. I have 14 years of teaching experience. I have been living in Spain for the past 2 years and teach English to all age groups. Now, I am working as a Language Assistant at Colegio Montserrat in Madrid.

Here, I teach English to Infants and Primary students. Teaching is my passion and I love to spend time
with kids. I am confident, energetic and self- motivated person with good communication, interpersonal and analytical skills. I am organized and creative. I love to teach English in a playful manner by using Bamboozle, flashcards, story-telling, picture composition, songs, Treasure hunt, Escape room, Jeopardy, Trivial and other fun and creative games.